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The Mole: Infiltrating North Korea (1)

<<    Season: 2020, Episode: 15    >>


In 2010, Danish director Mads Brügger received an email from a stranger who had seen a documentary he had made about North Korea (NK). He asked if Mads would be interested in making a new film about his quest to become a member of his local NK 'friendship' association in Denmark to enable him to travel to Pyongyang undercover. There are Korean Friendship Associations (KFA) in countries around the world, and their members, bizarrely, are devoted to the glorification of the world's last totalitarian communist dictatorship.

The stranger becomes a mole and rises through the ranks of the KFA. He befriends and wins the trust of the president of the KFA, Alejandro Cao de Benos, who asks him to help source wealthy investors interested in business deals with North Korea. The Mole reports back to Mads and they begin secretly recording meetings, bringing in an actor and ex-criminal called 'Mr James' to play the role of a Scandinavian billionaire to see what business deals NK will bring them.

First Aired

Tuesday, 13th October 2020


85 minutes


Monday at 10:00pm

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