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Theo Kamp (Jeroen van Koningsbrugge) is the best, but also most dashing homicide detective Tilburg. When he steps out of line for the umpteenth time in the search for top criminal Freddy van Nuenen, he is taken off the case and as punishment, transfered over to the hemp team.

Here he is aspected to lay low under the supervision of his new partner William Niessen (Dennis van de Ven), the most correct detective of the corps.   Theo is not going to give up his investigation. Will he manage, with the disadvantage of having William as his watchdog, to still catch Freddy van Nuenen and also get his old job back?


First Aired Monday, 17th March 2014
Channel BNN
Airing Sunday at 3:25pm
Duration 50 minutes
Episodes 30
Status Continuing

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