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Murder in Successville  

The Brass Gnome

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There has been another Murder in Successville. A priceless piece of art has been stolen from right under DI Sleet's nose, and Bjork is murdered in the process. Sleet and his new sidekick Richard Osman wade into art's black market underworld to catch their culprit. Find the art, and they'll find the killer.

This time they investigate Arsene Wenger, an avant-garde art collector whose new gallery is opening at a suspiciously convenient time. Sleet and Osman go undercover as turtle-necked arty types to get some answers.

Hilary Clinton is an art teacher and a forger who claims to have gone straight. Richard Osman goes undercover as a student to glean some answers.

Zayn Malik is a cat burglar who is a little down and out after being thrown out of his gang. Sleet and Osman break into a creepy paint factory to give Zayn an old-fashioned roughing-up, though Zayn turns the tables when he reveals some shocking truths about Sleet's dad. After coming to terms with his daddy issues, Sleet takes Richard Osman down to Successville's sewers to infiltrate a black market art auction ran by Bill Nighy.

Have you kept your eyes and ears open for clues? Could you take out the right person?


First Aired Wednesday, 19th April 2017
Channel BBC Three
Country GB

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