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First Dates  

Episode 11

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Recipe developer Mimi, who's 25, is looking for a fun-loving fellow creative. All seems well when her date, 29-year-old rugby referee and sausage roll maker Joel turns up with a gift for Mimi. Will his culinary creativity win her over? Theatre producer Sue, who's 67, is searching for her leading lady. She meets 63-year-old American psychologist Beri, who's looking for her English rose. Will love blossom between them? At first sight, tall, dark rugby player Dan seems to tick all of Irish model Laura's boxes, but when she finds out what he does for a living, things could take a turn for the worse... Nature-loving tree surgeon Matt, who's 30, is a hopeless romantic who falls in love easily. He's looking for a free spirit who shares his passion for the outdoors and for dancing. His date is 29-year-old hula hoop instructor, marketing assistant and 'modern hippy' Lucy, who's looking for a kind and sensitive man. Matt turns up with flowers for Lucy; will love bloom by the end of the evening?


First Aired Monday, 4th December 2017
Channel Channel 4
Country GB

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