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Countryfile is a British Sunday-morning television programme by the BBC which first aired in 1988 and reports on rural and environmental issues within the United Kingdom. It is presented primarily by John Craven, with reports from a pool of presenters. The issues which it addresses are generally those within the rural public consciousness of the UK, such as animal-culling, fox hunting, organic farming, EU agricultural policy, pollution, and open access land, and as such the nature of the programme is often highly political, sometimes airing debates between pressure groups. In recent years, the show has hardly featured farming issues, and concentrates on rural arts and sports, using recorded segments which are often repeated several times over a period of a year or two.


First Aired Sunday, 24th July 1988
Channel BBC One
Country GB
Airing Sunday at 7:00pm
Duration 60 minutes
Episodes 369
Status Continuing

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