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Australian Story  

The Bridge

<<    Season: 22, Episode: 26    >>


On a Sunday afternoon in 2012, Donna Thistlethwaite told her partner she was going out to buy groceries. Instead she drove to Brisbane’s Story Bridge and tried to end her life in the wintery waters of the Brisbane River.

Donna was a popular, positive-thinking, successful career woman with a loving partner and a young son. She had no history of the mental illnesses that are commonly associated with risk of suicide.

Her world unravelled in about 10 days.

Donna was lucky enough to get a second chance at life, thanks to a confluence of ‘miracles’ that helped her survive.

Australian Story tells a cautionary tale which shows that, with the right set of circumstances and the wrong kind of thinking, suicidal thoughts can happen to just about anyone and how seeking help can save a life.

By sharing her story, Donna hopes that anyone feeling suicidal will see that life can be ‘great’ again and reach out for help.


First Aired Monday, 7th August 2017
Channel ABC1
Country AU

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